Georgia Funkadelic is a six-piece electric groove band from Evansville, IN (USA). They are a group of musically-talented friends whom come together to make magic.

The music they create is called groove music. What is groove music? Any music that makes you feel good, especially that which is hard to resist dancing to.

The first album called 'Georgia's Pool Party' (released 12/31/20), recorded with nineteen various local Evansville musicians, records the portrayal of difficult times and getting through them. The album follows a historical timeline of love lost to love found.

The second album (EP) is 'Georgia's After Party'(released 12/31/21), a collection of instrumental groove songs. Put it on and dance, vibe, groove and just feel it. The album follows the path of receiving an invitation to an after-party, and finalized with the collective experience in relationship building.

The single "Love Tango" (released 12/31/22) is a fun, uptempo blues song written in times past.

Musical influences are varied, and include Grateful Dead, Beastie Boys, The Meters, The New Mastersounds, and Talking Heads. Maybe also Mustafa, Japanese Breakfast, or Sleater-Kinney. One thing is for sure, we like to have fun!

Come have fun with us!!


Georgia Funkadelic band

Pre-show photo 7/23/22

THE NEW 5-song EP ALBUM BY Georgia Funkadelic, "Georgia's After Party" IS NOW AVAILABLE! 

listen for free:  click to groove

Released on 12/31/2021, this collection of instrumental groove music features the quartet: Ben Ganster, Georgia Funkadelic, Mickey Peaches, and Roy Micah Carter. Come join the fun!

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